Move from Loneliness to Connection with the Men in Your Life

Do you feel seen and heard by the men in your life?  If not, you’re not alone.

In my upcoming book, Conversations with a Shaman, I explore the topic of communication styles between the sexes with Shaman, Rebecca Singer.

It’s a tender topic, rife with potential generalization and over-simplification, yet at the core reveals something deep and true about the distinct differences in men and women.

We can observe it in the culture…

Ever notice how men seem to gravitate to the side-by-side arrangement of bar stools while women naturally choose the round table structure in which we can all make eye contact?

Women tend to want an eye to eye, belly to belly emotional connection, while men may prefer greater distance and less intensity.

How can this awareness help us, as women, shift our expectations in a way that opens to a deeper level of communication with the men in our lives?

We can observe it in the workplace…

One common complaint among women is the difficulty in connecting with men – husbands, brothers, sons, co-workers and bosses – in a way that feels deep and authentic.  Sometimes, especially when males and female roles overlap in business and personal arenas, it feels impossible to connect in a way that honors different ways of approaching similar situations or tasks.

We live in a time when male and female “roles” have shifted, with more women joining the professional workforce and more men taking an active role in parenting and family life.  It’s important that we learn to navigate male/female communication if we are to have happy families, functional work teams, and satisfying relationships.

How can we find greater compassion for the added responsibilities we all carry, and for different ways of being?

We can observe it at home…

Being a single mother to a male child has given me a lab in which to study male behavior over the course of life. What I’ve found is that my son prefers not to sit face to face with me and, if I get too close or intense while trying to get his attention, he feels attacked and pulls away.  During the teen years, especially, I’ve noticed that our best conversations happen when we’re side by side with a bit of distance between us… driving in the car, watching a DVD, or cooking in the kitchen.

In our mother-son relationship, I have noticed that I can speak the same words in the same tone of voice, but changing my physical position can determine how he receives them. Side by side lands as less threatening, more accepting … and that makes for good communication on both sides.

We invite you to join us for a LIVE CONVERSATION via conference call, to get to the root of how we can connect more deeply and authentically with the men in our lives. (the first in a series of conference calls intended to bring about authentic dialogue on a variety of topics covered in the book).

This is an important and timely conversation because men and women communicate differently for a host of simple, yet complex reasons. When another person does not respond in the way that matches our own expectations, we may feel alone or misunderstood, frustrated or angry.   We may even quietly endure the pain of loneliness, even within our closest relationships, rather than risk the loss of love.

This conversation can provide valuable insight as we juggle the complex relationships and responsibilities that surround life in an often frenzied world.

Bring your beliefs and expectations around what constitutes caring and compassion in relationships, and what you experience with friends, family and co-workers.  Bring a willingness to dialogue openly, and to take in what may be new perspectives for you.

Bring your open heart.

This is an opportunity to connect with other women and with Rebecca Singer, a Shaman who has walked this path as a single mother, as a partner to a man she dearly loves, as a teacher, as a woman in business, and as Shaman and healer to many clients of both genders.

Between now and March 7th, start taking quiet notes when you’re triggered in your male relationships – and then join us for this important conversation.

We look forward to hearing you on the call.

When: Thursday, March 7th at 6:00pm Pacific time

Dial: 1-857-232-0300 (when prompted, type in access code: 3771581)

Until then,


Welcome to the Conversation…

Have you found true contentment to be elusive?
Do material gains and superficial advice often leave you feeling empty?

Our culture is at a crucial tipping point. We’re experiencing first-hand how “socially-accepted” approaches to life provide only a limited and often superficial sense of fulfillment for the long term.

I’m Delila Olsson, a writer, parent, and spiritual enthusiast. In my studies with Shaman, Rebecca Singer, I have discovered a way of being that has radically shifted my life my experiences with grief, loss, parenting, business, intimacy, and relationships.

Sharing glimpses of my process – and more importantly, of my work with Rebecca –  is the purpose of this blog. It’s also what my upcoming book, Conversations with a Shaman, is all about.

We don’t offer quick fix solutions, but we do hope to gather like-minded individuals and walk down an unconventional path together… one that holds the potential for unprecedented real life results.

Great to have you on board with us!  We hope you’ll follow our conversation and jump right in now and then with your own questions and insights.

Delila and Rebecca